Limited Post-Divorce Payments to Petitioner

Michael helped a client, the respondent, in their long-term marriage divorce case. Michael minimized his client’s exposure to permanent alimony and temporary support payments.

Support and Alimony Obligations Reduced in Medium-Term Divorce

Michael worked with the respondent in a divorce case. The marriage was of medium length, and Michael was able to limit the support and alimony obligations his client would have to pay. He also helped the client completely retain their retirement accounts.

Permanent Alimony Reduced in Long-Term Marriage Divorce

Michael worked with a respondent in a divorce involving a long-term marriage. With Michael’s assistance, the amount of permanent alimony was reduced and the case was favorably resolved.

Contempt of Alimony Payments Defeated

Michael represented a client accused of not making his permanent alimony payments. With his assistance, Michael’s client was able to defeat the motion for contempt. That’s despite the fact the client was making his airplane payments and not his permanent alimony payments.

Child Custody Case Dismissed Successfully

Michael represented a respondent in a child custody case involving an emergency motion. The petitioner in the case attempted to change the jurisdiction and custody of the children involved to Florida. Michael filed a motion to dismiss based on the petitioner’s misrepresentations to the court. Michael pointed out the petitioner failed to notify the court of prior custody orders from outside the state. The case was dismissed, and the children were returned to Michael’s client without further court action.

Dismissed Child Custody Jurisdiction Matter

Michael represented a respondent in a custody and Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act jurisdiction matter. Michael’s client wanted the case to remain in a different jurisdiction. Michael successfully argued with the Florida court to dismiss the case against his client, and the matter remained in the client’s jurisdiction.

Permanent Restraining Order Granted in Domestic Violence Case

Michael represented a petitioner pursuing a domestic violence injunction. A permanent restraining order was granted after a bench trial with Michael’s help.

Permanent Restraining Order Protects Client and Child

Michael represented a petitioner seeking a domestic violence injunction. The client needed protection for themselves and their minor child. With Michael’s help, a permanent restraining order was granted after a bench trial.

Permanent Restraining Order Granted

Michael represented a petitioner in their domestic violence injunction. With Michael’s assistance, his client was granted a permanent restraining order against the respondent after a bench trial.

Injunction Order Stopped After Bench Trial

Michael represented a client named as a respondent in a domestic violence injunction matter. Michael’s client, the respondent, was fighting against a domestic violence injunction. With Michael’s help, the injunction was defeated after a bench trial.